Intel India Launches Itanium 9500: Two Times Faster Processor Series than the Predecessor

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Intel India Launches Itanium 9500: Two Times Faster Processor Series than the Predecessor

Itanium 9500, Intel"s newest series of processors was launched on Tuesday by the computer chip maker which claims it to be better than the previous generation processors, having double their speeds. 

According to Intel, Itanium processor 9500 is most useful in all kinds of demanding workloads in today"s world since they are twice as powerful, or even more, as any of the processors in the previous generation. The processor can be used in business analytics, large-scale ERP applications, database and so on. 

The company said that the chip is built on a micro-architecture and provides exceptional performance. Inside sources have also informed that the new processor family reflects the company"s commitment towards meeting application demands from industries all over the world by delivering reliability which goes unparalleled.

Intel"s Itanium processor is used by more than three quarters of the top global companies across different industries like Aerospace, Life Sciences and Telecommunications, Energy etc. These industries on incorporating Intel 9500 processor would have a huge leap in performance and the availability, reliability and serviceability features would become paramount.

HP and Intel are partnering to bring these new Itanium 9500 processor to their servers and initial benchmark reports suggest that processing speed has increased by three times and that too at less energy consumption.

According to Santanu Ghose, Director of Business Critical Systems at HP India, the announcement made on Tuesday is a demonstration of the continued commitment of HP towards changing the face of the server landscape by bringing in innovations to Integrity portfolio. HP aims to achieve these innovations by offering a converged infrastructure which is mission-critical and intended to help enterprises to scale up and address futuristic needs with ease. 

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