Internet and cellphone monitoring is active

Posted By: Rahul

Internet and cellphone monitoring is active

Many countries across the world are resorting to internet usage monitoring of their people. They are also resorting to mobile phone call tracking in order to prevent anti-social activities form taking place. Governments in various countries believe that monitoring could bring down cyber crimes and misuse of technology.

One country which is planning to monitor internet and cellphone usage is Britain. Britain is reportedly planning to allow an intelligence agency to monitor all internet and mobile phone related activities of its citizens. This move has been objected by various people and organizations across the world by terming it as “An Utter Invasion Of Privacy”.

The British Government has already come under fire for planning to introduce this law. People across the world have spoken against this move. Various countries of the world have blocked off certain vital internet services such as social networking sites, e-mail services. This means that people in these countries are forbidden all these services. Governments here claim that they have resorted to this move as a preventive measure.

Experts say that internet usage monitoring will not have any significant effect. People will still be able to use other media for communicating anti-socialist strategy. They further state that there are various other mechanisms through which undesirable activity can be detected and monitored without causing a breach of peoples' privacy.

Governments across the world need to understand this and come up with effective solutions to combat anti-socialist activities rather than invade peoples' privacy.

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