Internet bringing back Endangered languages

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Internet bringing back Endangered languages

Various languages across the world which are nearing extinction could have a new lease of life thanks to the internet. According to a research, there are approximately 7,000 languages in the world out of which half of them are in the brink of extinction. These languages could now be saved & people can be made to learn these languages again all due to the internet.

Firstly, these threatened languages have found many takers across various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. This is good news as people are curious to learn these languages & are aiding in the process of salvaging their pride & saving them from extinction. Various internet societies such as the National geographic Society have come with many plans to take the near-extinct languages to the people across the world through the internet.

An example of one such initiative is the “Talking Dictionary” which is initiated by the National Geographic Society & aims to save many ancient tongues from extinction. Apart from this, there are other schemes which are being brought out everyday by various online forums. There are schemes such as Podcasting through which the languages are recorded in the audio format & circulates over the internet. They even find place among the various social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Orkut etc. These are even being done via the text messaging platform.

Out of the World's 7000 endangered languages, there are many Indian Languages on the list as well which need rejuvenation. This rejuvenation has now begun through the internet & one can hope that in the next few years all these languages will be brought back to life. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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