Internet Explorer 6 goes dead

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Internet Explorer 6 goes dead


The old browsers are getting expired and the new ones are evolving The Internet Explorer 6 is a good example for this. The IE 6 by Microsoft existed for over a decade and is considered dead in United States. The official usage of IE 6 is dropped to less than 1% in US. The IE 6 countdown site is launched recently and as per it, the browser will expire within 2014.

The director of the Internet Explorer Marketing, Roger Capriotti says that the Internet Explorer 6 was the punch line for a large number of jokes based on browsers for quite sometime. Like anyone else, the Internet Explorer team was also eager to see the browser go away.

Right now, the browser is the dead in United States and accounts to only about 1% of usage. However, it has caught the attraction of various users and accounts to about 7.7% of the world's population who still insist to use the antiquated browser. Microsoft also continues to push for the total annihilation of Internet Explorer 6.

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