Internet to be shutdown on March 8

Posted By: Rahul

Internet to be shutdown on March 8

The FBI is reportedly going to shut down the internet on 8 March 2012 in order to block internet service providers who are causing various threats like malware, Trojans to spread. According to FBI reports, servers of various countries have been affected by Trojans & Malware which are causing huge losses for the Governments.

This infection will affect millions of internet users across the world. Thus, to examine the level of threat infection, the F.B.I wants to shut down the internet servers across various countries of the world. Thus, countries & Governments across the world will have to brace themselves up to face internet disruption. This may cause inconvenience in countries like the U.S & India in which the economy is literally dependent on the internet.

Millions of users are believed to be affected at this point in time, some internet users have got caution notices to take steps & keep the internet attacks at bay. But the fact is that internet is going to break down on March 8. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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