iPad 3 Retina Displays made by Samsung?

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iPad 3 Retina Displays made by Samsung?

As the iPad 3 is going to launch in March, there are more and more rumors and leaks about the gadget. Earlier we posted an article on the leaked images. Now, a Chinese forum has posted about the Retina Display production.

The spy shots of these 2048 x 1536 displays and also the photo of packed ones are posted. These spy shots are blurred but the translated information states that the name on the logo of these products look likes that of the Samsung Electronics.

The people working with the plant have informed that the plant is secured tightly and that the design is quite similar to that of iPad 2.

This is a rumor as of now and let us wait and see till the launch of the tablet from Apple in order to know the in depth facts about it.

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