iPad satisfies users more than Kindle Fire

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iPad satisfies users more than Kindle Fire

A recent study has revealed that the users of iPad are more satisfied than those of the Kindle Fire by Amazon. This survey was conducted by Changewave, the US research firm.

The study revealed that of the 200 Americans owning tablets, 74% have an iPad and they claim that they are too satisfied. Among the subjects, 54% had an Amazon tablet and they felt that they are satisfied.

The owners of Kindle Fire were pleased for the price of the device, ease of use and color screen. They were not happy about the lacking features such as camera, volume adjustment button and also about the small size of the display.

The users were also not happy when it comes to the extremely short battery life of the tablet. Even the number of apps that are available in the App Store of Amazon is not comparable to that of Apple iPad. Even the placement of the on/off button is worth mentioning.

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