Is iPhone 3GS for Rs 9,999 a great buy?

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A couple of days back, Aircel announced a discount on iPhone 3GS. It is offering the smartphone for Rs 9,999 that is half of its original price. This offer is only for the postpaid connections of Aircel. The service provider charges an additional annual rental of Rs 3,000 and provides access to unlimited data usage.

Apple iPhone 3GS for Rs 9,999! This offer is really cool and awesome as it is the first affordable Apple phone in India. For all consumers who wanted to own an iPhone, this is a great chance to get one. Now, it is the time to think. Leave your excitement aside and think if it is a good buy.

Is it worth spending Rs 10,000 on Apple iPhone 3GS? There are a few reasons to suggest that this is not a good buy, no matter its cost.

1. No FaceTime

iPhone 3GS has no front camera (FaceTime) and Skype. What is the use of having an Apple smartphone without FaceTime for video calling?

2. Slow processor, less storage

iPhone 3GS comes with an 800 MHz Cortex A8 processor that is under clocked to 600 MHz. It comes with 256 MB RAM only. Its the age of quad core processors and paying Rs 10,000 for a basic smartphone is not recommended.

3. Additional Rental

Do keep in mind that it is not only Rs 9,999, but an additional annual rental of Rs 3,000 for 2GB free data per month. Moreover, it is only applicable for postpaid connections.

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However, iPhone is iPhone. Its ahead of all the other smartphones. If you were planning to buy an iPhone since a long time, this is a great buy. If you opt for some other smartphone in the same price range, tell us in the comments section below.

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