Is this the Google Nexus tablet?

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Is this the Google Nexus tablet?

Google Nexus, the upcoming tablet of Google has been circulating in rumors since quite some time. So long there were no visual proof for this. But now the situation has changed. The first supposed looks of the device has come online.

The render is identified to be a kind of Android device but what it exactly points to is not known. Of course, it does not seem to be like the Nexus tablet. Soon as we glance at the image, we can notice the app icons available on the homescreen and tablet to have only Google services.

This claims that it might be a tablet made by Google brand. This tablet in the image seems to have be of 10 inches. The rumors that were earlier circulating on the web state that the tablet will have a display of 7 inches. The contradicting display size makes it an unconfirmed news.

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