June Full Moon Explained: What Is June Supermoon And When Is It Visible In India?


Celestial events like eclipses, full moons, and so on keep happening. This month, June, we'll be seeing a Supermoon, which is called the Strawberry Moon. The full moon in June has many additional phenomena, which make it unique. Here's all you need to know about the June full Moon.

What Is June Supermoon And When Is It Visible In India?

June Full Moon: Strawberry Moon, Supermoon Explained

The June full Moon is also called the Strawberry Moon. This isn't because the Moon will look like a strawberry but because it's a name given by Native Americans! The name is also given because the Moon will reach the closes point in its orbit around the Earth. This point is called a perigee and creates the Supermoon phenomenon.

It is said to be one of the most beautiful celestial events. In this case, the Moon appears to be larger than other full Moons, which gives it the same Supermoon. This is because the Moon's orbit is an ellipse rather than a perfect circle, giving it a larger appearance.

The June full Moon at perigee will be 357,432 kilometers from Earth, astronomers calculate. Generally, the average distance between the Moon and Earth is 384,400 kilometers. The Moon can also be as far as 405,000 kilometers. Since this time the June full Moon is nearer, and it looks to be larger.

What Is June Supermoon And When Is It Visible In India?

June Supermoon Date, Time

The June full Moon or Supermoon will happen on June 14 at around 8 AM Eastern Daylight Time (around 5:30 PM in India). According to the US Naval Observatory, the June Supermoon will reach a full Moon at 11:52 PM on June 14, visible in India.

Where to Watch June Supermoon In India?

The June Supermoon will rise and set on June 14. It'll happen in the evening, which makes the night sky a good backdrop to view the celestial event. If the weather conditions permit, you can watch the June Supermoon or Strawberry Moon with bare eyes on June 14, starting around 5:30 PM, and reach the peak just before midnight.


At the same time, numerous space organizations will also live-stream the June Supermoon event, giving detailed descriptions of this event. Space enthusiasts can also visit observatories and planetariums to watch the June full Moon with a telescope and get more information about the same.

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