Kidney sold to get Apple iPad

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Kidney sold to get Apple iPad

Last year, when the iPad 2 was the craze for many, a 17 year old Chinese teen sold his kidney to get the gadget. The price of the iPad 2 is now reduced as the new version has come. But the value of kidney has not reduced. The teenager is suffering from lot of health issues after the surgery.

The Chinese authorities have arrested about five people for the illegal surgery. The boy who donated the kidney was given $3,500 which was just 10% of the total sum of $35,000 offered to him. He Wei has paid all the others involved in the illegal kidney trading.

This terrible idea of selling a kidney to own an iPad struck the boy's mind. He has made his mind to sell it to get money for that blind gadget crave that he possessed. The rest of the cash was shared among the surgeon, fixer and three more people.

Now, the boy is suffering from renal deficiency and he himself requires a kidney transplant. He will know the picture better as there is going to be no one until the sum of $35,000 is offered to them.

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