Kissenger: A kiss messenger

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Kissenger: A kiss messenger

Technology has made anything and everything possible and helped consumers to cross all the barriers. It is now helping people to exchange the key human expression, kiss.

A researcher, Hooman Samani of University of Singapore is specializing in artificial intelligence. He has developed a new system called Kissenger which is nothing but a kiss messenger.

Kissenger will have a pair of robots that allow users to transfer the kisses irrespective of the distance between them. These robots are in the shape of a ball and they have large sized silicon lips.

The artificial lips are connected digitally and they re-create the movement of lips of the couple in real time. The Kissenger is a segment of Lovotics which is Samani's research based on the human to robot relationship.

This technology can be used for various technologies as follows:

1. Tele-kiss between humans that bridges the gap between them and connects the individuals

2. Human to robot kiss in which a robot has integrated artificial lips

3. Human to virtual kiss to a virtual character in which they can kiss while playing games and also get return kisses.

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