LED Glasses Let Deaf People 'See' Sounds?

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A group of researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has come up with a new invention. The innovation is a pair of glasses designed to assist deaf people to ‘see’ loud noises. These glasses will also give them an indication of the location from where the sound is generated. This latest innovation can prove to be helpful for individuals who are hearing impaired to respond to events like the horn generated from a car. 


The images of the glasses have already started leaking and it is expected to be a big savior for people with hearing impairment. They could use these glasses especially while walking across a sub-urban city or market place. As per the sources, the glass frames are mounted with a set of seven specially designed microphones. 

These microphones are particularly designed for identifying the exact direction from which sound is generated. This information will then be displayed to the user with the help of LED screen being implemented inside the frame. It can also display flash alerts if the sounds generated are louder than the threshold sound level. 


One of the major drawbacks of these glasses is the need for deaf users to carry a laptop with them. The laptops are necessary for processing the signal to the pair of glasses. Scientists who were engaged in the research and development of these glasses stated that this innovation is still in its primary stages and users can expect these glasses to get more sophisticated and user friendly in the years to come. 

Experts believe that if the necessity of the laptop can be removed and the signal processing capabilities can be built in within the glasses itself then this innovation could transform the lives of deaf people. The teams of researchers showcased their work in the recently held InterNoise Conference in US. There is no information regarding its pricing and availability.

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