LG To Develop Stereo Camera System For Mercedes-Benz Driverless Cars

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Over the past few years, LG has constantly delivered several top notched products, enjoying a lot of success with its everyday appliances and smartphones. And the South Korean tech giant doesn't seem reluctant to enter into new partnership.

This time around, though, LG has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to develop a stereo camera system, designed to work with the automaker's next-generation autonomous cars.

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LG To Develop Stereo Camera System For Mercedes-Benz Driverless Cars

To be precise, LG plans to develop stereo camera systems for Mercedes-Benz's future driverless car. Basically, LG will develop a stereo camera system, which works like a human eye with the capability to detect objects on the road ahead. It detects all movements in front of the car that may have not been picked up by the driver and warn of any dangers, LG noted.

"Mercedes-Benz is the ideal partner for LG as both companies share a vision of how ADAS technologies can improve the wellbeing and lives of all consumers. As the automobile evolves from a mechanical to an electronic system, LG will be in the perfect position to contribute its experience to the exciting automotive industry, "said Woo-jong Lee, president and CEO of the LG Vehicle Components Company.

LG's association with Mercedes-Benz will allow the tech giant to enter the autonomous car market that may become the future of the automobile industry in the coming years to come.

Millions of people die in road accidents every year. Analysts believe that self-driving cars could solve this issue to some extent.

Tech giants like Google sees immense potential in self-driving cars. The software giant recently unveiled its first real prototype of a self-driving car.

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