Login to Periscope without Twitter account

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Now, you can use Twitter's live-streaming app Periscope even if you don't have a Twitter account.

Login to Periscope without Twitter account

People, who want to use Periscope can now use their phone number to sign up for Periscope, with no need for a Twitter account. The updated version of the app also adds the ability to reply directly to comments in Periscope chats, media reports said.

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And because not all Periscope users are always on their best behaviour, the app will now notify all users watching when a user has been blocked -- effectively calling out any trolls on a particular stream.

Login to Periscope without Twitter account

The update also allows a user to change their avatar. The changes indicate, pointed out experts, that Twitter is looking to aggressively grow the app's footprint beyond its text-based platform.

Recently, the rival app Meerkat's also reduced its reliance on Twitter. With both live-streaming apps moving away from Twitter dependence, their growth will likely be more affected by user experience and service reliability than ever before, feel the experts.

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