Logitech Cube Mouse specifications

Posted By: Rahul

Logitech Cube Mouse specifications

This is a mouse with a different look & design. Not just this, it is even easy to use. The Logitech Cube proves that technology is not restricted to just computers/gadgets but to their accessories as well. The Cube can even double as multi-purpose gadgets.

You can keep this wonderful gadget on a desk & use it like a mouse. The top surface of the mouse is touch-sensitive which enables you to scroll/stroke/click at two different places simultaneously. In addition to this, when the presentation clicker of the mouse is taken off, you can use it as a presentation clicker/slide advancer.

Using this, you can advance slides of your presentation easily & in a hassle-free manner. Logitech expects this gadget to rival Apple as well. The design may seem weird, but certainly not the functionality. The Logitech Cube mouse is extremely portable & can even be used when on the move. It senses touch & converts them to electric signals through which you can operate your computer/gadgets.

Thus, we can say that weird looking gadgets are the in-thing this season. These are weird only in looks but not in functionality. So, grab one of these today & get set to experience something different & life changing.

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