Lumus' transparent wearable displays at CES 2012

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Lumus' transparent wearable displays at CES 2012

At CES 2012, Lumus has shown a couple of wearable displays namely DK-32 a development kit and PD-18-4 which is the monocular version of the same technology. These displays are transparent devices use the patented light guide optical element of Lumus, optical engine and micro display pod.

The optical engine will project the light on to the lens which is then reflected from there to the eye of the user through the reflectors that are embedded in the lens.

The DK-32 of Lumus offers a bright, high definition 720 p display and weighs only 27 grams. The effect it produces is impressive and the colors are quite bright and they can be adjusted using the display pod. The images presented are very clear.

The best part of this transparent display is that while you are watching any YouTube videos and walking about, you can avoid stumbling on passersby and objects.

When speaking about the PD-18-4, when this development kit is all ready we can't be sure of what all it can do when it lands up on some evil hands.

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