Magical mirror to try clothes

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Magical mirror to try clothes


Now magic mirror will make it easy for the buyers to try several clothes without the necessity of going to the fitting rooms with all those outfits and trying them out one after the other which is hectic. At last they come empty handed despite of those efforts.

A shopping center has now promised to take out this stress by letting the customers to search for perfect clothes simply using a magic mirror. Unlike the similar devices, this particular mirror will let the buyers to sample the outfits from several retailers right from one place. Thereby they can save times and also reduce the hassle of going between various stores.

You might be wondering what is this mirror all about and what it is doing in a technology site? The mirror actually superimposes a wide range of dresses, tops and skirts over a live picture of the shopper's body soon as they move in front of the camera that is supported on the top of a screen.

This make use of movement sensors and also augmented reality techniques that are similar to those in the Xbox gaming console. This technology will judge the distance of the buyer from the camera and also the size. The customer can swap the outfit and the size from the shops using their hand until they find the best match. This way the buyer can simply go to the shop and purchase the required outfits.

This virtual changing room will be displayed today at the Manchester Trafford Center. A marketing manager, Kelly Da Silva Fermandes who tried the device mentioned that it a great time saver and it allows the buyers to scan through the outfits quickly irrespective of the quantity.

She added that it worked well with the women's clothing and that they are developing one for the children and men as well. The developer says that it is a secret weapon to increase online shopping. It must be great to have such mirrors in stores.

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