MediaTek Announced First True Octa Core Chip Unlike The One From Samsung

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When was quad core not enough? Samsung already had their Octa core processor on their popular flagship Galaxy S4 and now it seems MediaTek is following the footstep. Last month there was a simmering talks about the company coming uo with the Octa Core processor but today MediaTek has already announced it saying that it was the first true Octa core processor. First True?

MediaTek Announced First True Octa Core Chip

Since Sasmung has already got the same technology how come MediaTek call their Octa Core the First True? Here is a difference between the two processors. Samsung's 8 core core processor works in a set of four making it 2 quad core. It works alternatively. Thus it is clear that only 4 cores are working at a time. Other Octa core is just a modified dual-core processor with two single cores and a quad-core graphics chip, plus two other cores for sensors and language processing.

While the MediaTek calls their Octa core the first true is because, their processor doesn't work in a set of 2 quad core but one solid processor. Thus it will function in unison. All 6 cores are working at all times.

The latest MediaTek Octa Core processor is obviously the one which will give a better speed, smoother game playing, web browsing, improved video playback, and improved battery consumption. Moreover, MediaTek also reportedly said that all the 8 cores can be used without overheating. Even in the AnTuTu benchmark the ship scored close to 30,000.

As of now Qualcomm has been taking over the chip shares from the market but MediaTek already has a better share to run the company with ease. Thus in coming days it is likely to take over Qualcomm with its octa-core MT6592 which will possibly hit the market soon.

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