MHL 3.0 Compatible Devices Now in India: Enjoy 4K Technology Transfer Directly Via Cable

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Back in 2013, around August, MHL 3.0 (Mobile High-Definition Link) was announced to address the latest consumer requirements for connecting a mobile device to displays (PC monitors and TVs).

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This technology allows you to connect your MHL enabled smartphone to an MHL or HDMI TV or monitor to transfer an audio or a video from your mobile to a bigger display using an MHL cable or adapter. This is similar to the HDMI cables that we have seen earlier.

Recently, Silicon Image showcased the MHL technology in Bangalore at the event where the company also revealed a prototype "Smartbook". "Smartbook" according to MHL is a hollow laptop, which doesn't come with any OS or any internals but offers the MHL enabled device to connect with it easily making it a laptop version of a smartphone.

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However, the company said that the product is still in a development phase and worked pretty smooth when we tested it with our own HTC One M8 unit.

The company said that the accessory (smartbook) would be priced nominally when it will be launched later. However, they didn't reveal any time-frame as to when the device would be launched. It should be noted that the "smartbook" is build in partnership with MediaTek who has given a UI layer to the laptop look-alike product, which simply connects to your smartphone via MHL cable and converts the inactive shell into a smartbook mirroring the Android OS of the phone. Currently, MHL has not yet entered into Windows Phone devices and iOS but it's an open standard.

With double the bandwidth compared to the previous specification, MHL 3.0 delivers 4K (Ultra HD) resolution and a wider color gamut to create a 4K visual experience, solidifying MHL's growing presence in the living room. By using a bi-directional channel that's significantly faster than MHL 2, the new specification enables concurrent 4K video and high-speed peripheral support of mass storage and input devices such as a touch screen, keyboard and mouse.

MHL has already got more than 500 million MHL-enabled device which include, smartphones, PC Monitors and TVs.

For more details on the MHL 3.0 features and specifications, take a look at the sliders below:

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Overall MHL 3.0 - Specification

The MHL 3.0 specification capabilities will include 4K (Ultra HD) video support 2160p30 , simultaneous high-speed data channel , improved Remote Control Protocol (RCP) with support for peripherals such as a touch screen, keyboard and mouse .

It also comes with a power charging capability up to 10W. Also it has a latest HDCP 2.2 content protection . And it features an enhanced 7.1 surround sound with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD and connector agnostic which uses as few as five pins . Moreover, the MHL 3.0 is also capable of supporting simultaneous multiple displays .


Home Theater – 4K Theater Picture Quality

Watch all of your favorite content in 4K movie-theater picture quality from your smartphone to your TV or home theater system. Stop, rewind, pause and play all of your content using the TV's remote control.

Mobile Games – Zero Lag

Play all your mobile games on a 4K screen with no lag, all while the TV provides power to your smartphone for extended game play.

Office – Work Anytime, Anywhere

Transform your mobile device into a portable computer by connecting it to a keyboard, mouse, monitor (or multiple monitors), and storage device to work anytime, anywhere.

Automotive – Touch Screen to Access Music and Navigation

With its "plug and play" features, MHL has been adopted in the automotive sector, allowing consumers to connect MHL-enabled smartphones to the in-vehicle infotainment system where the mobile phone apps can be accessed through the touch screen while simultaneously charging the mobile device. MHL can also be used in the rear seat monitor so that passengers can enjoy portable entertainment at any time.

Interact with the smartphone through your car infotainment touch-screen display or buttons on your steering wheel to make phone calls, play music, navigate with the phone's GPS, and more, all while providing charge to your smartphone.


MHL 3.0 Compatible Devices are Here

At the event recently, Silicon Image demoed MHL 3.0 working between an Xperia Z2 and a Sony 4K TV, and you could also navigate through the phone using the TV remote. The company also showed off how to play games through the power of cable and wirelessly using the gaming controller.

Already the company has partnered with global smartphone and tablet tech giants including Samsung, HTC, Sony and more. While, MHL 3.0 has just entered the Indian market, it would take some time for the technology to slip in the range (monitors, consoles, docks etc) to get the full-fledged support. However, looks like the tech firm is quite ambitious about its plan to the emerging market like India.

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Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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