Microsoft is working on dual display for smartphones

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Microsoft is working on dual display for smartphones

Microsoft is working on dual display system for the smartphones. The firm is in plans to implement two sided display system for the tablets and smartphones. The main display will be accompanied by the low powered display at the back.

The secondary display of low power will show generic information that are not shown on the main one. It can be used to display logos, photos and other important notifications like time and unread messages.

The main intention of this concept is to make the low power displays to show content that changes frequently. It also involves a secondary processor for the back panel screen. The idea of displaying frequently changing content in the secondary display will help the main screen and processor to go to sleep mode.

These secondary and low power screens can be bendable and mounted on the smartphones with contour design bearing as well. For example, e-Ink displays can be used at the back of the devices with LCD or AMOLED screens.

What do you think about these displays? What all information you think can be displayed on this to benefit the users? Do you like to have a secondary display on your smartphone?

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