Microsoft launches cloud storage for iOS

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Microsoft launches cloud storage for iOS

Microsoft has debuted its cloud storage service, SkyDrive for the Apple's iPhone this week. This service was already made available for the Windows users since many years and now recently it was made available for the Windows Phone 7 smartphones also.

Microsoft has understood the fact that more Windows users are making use of iPhones and the launch of the the cloud storage service for iOS will be a great benefit for them. However, there are lot of other choices offered by the personal cloud storage market.

The iPhone users who wanted cloud storage would have previously used the services like or Dropbox or even the iCloud service of Apple. The SkyDrive of Microsoft has an advantage when compared to all these available services. It offers about 25 GB free storage for the users to store their media files and documents. Dropbox offers only 2 GB and the others like and iCloud offers 5 GB storage.

To have access to the files in SkyDrive, you will have to first sign in to the service with the Windows Hotmail/Live credential details. This app has fur tabs that offer you the access to all the files and folders that you have edited recently, list of the files that are shared with you or by you and a tab to adjust the settings.

Either from the recent tabs or from the files you can preview the excel, powerpoint or word documents, music, videos and photos that are stored on the service. You can also stream the songs that you have stored on the service to your iPhone directly and the amount of free storage offered will have some of them there itself.

The ability to check the OneNotes notes from the My Documents folder in the service is a good one. The files can be arranged in folders right from the app.

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