Microsoft Surface: Lawyer Files Lawsuit Over Storage Capacity of Windows 8 Tablet

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Microsoft Surface: Lawyer Files Lawsuit Over Storage Capacity of Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft has received a lawsuit regarding the storage capacity of the company’s new Surface tablet.

Andrew Sokolowski, a lawyer in Los Angeles, claims that he bought a Surface with 32GB storage capacity last week and that the device ran out of space in no time after storing some music and Microsoft Word documents.

Following this he discovered that a major portion of the 32GB storage being used up by the OS itself and then by some preinstalled applications including Word, Excel and others. Finally, only 16GB space was available for him to use.

On Tuesday, Sokolowski’s lawyers have filed the suit alleging false advertising and unfair business practices against the Redmond based software giant at the Superior Court in Los Angeles.

The aim of the lawsuit is to change how Microsoft advertises its device and to force the company to return the revenue and profits that came from such a wrong conduct of false advertising.

In an official statement, Microsoft has claimed that, "Customers understand the operating system and pre-installed applications reside on the device's internal storage thereby reducing the total free space."

It was explained that consumers can add more memory with the micro SD card slot and USB port. Also, on November 5, 2012, the usable storage space of the Surface tablets was confirmed.

Further, the statement claims that the Microsoft website has listed that the 32GB Surface has 16GB free space while the 64GB version has 45GB free space respectively.

On Wednesday, Rhett Francisco, Sokolowski's lawyer has claimed that his client never saw Microsoft's responses and said the details on its website are "buried."

Moreover, it is to be noted that mobile devices usually have less usable storage space than advertised. Even, flash drives and regular hard drives provide less usable memory than their labels quotes. It is pretty common than consumers get about 7% ess space than advertised. For instance, a 16GB drive will have a storage space of about 15GB only.

When it comes to tablets, a part of the memory us assigned to replacecells that wear out over time. For this reason, Apple iPad has an actual storage capacity that is 11% lower than the one advertised, which is 14.3GB for 16GB and 57.2GB for 64GB variants.

Research Director of Gartner Inc., Michael Gartenberg claims that Microsoft has consistently said there would be less memory available than the figure that is advertised. He said it is “unsurprising” that its new operating system along with the complete version of Office has taken up a huge portion of the memory.

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