Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Officially Released: All That You Need To Know

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Officially Released: All That You Need To Know

Microsoft has officially released the Windows Server 2012 on Tuesday, the key focus of which is on the cloud, similar to the Windows 8 OS. The software giant is jumping on to the bandwagon of cloud computing with the Windows Server 2012.

The new OS will share some features with the upcoming Windows 8 such as the UI and kernel. Further, the latest server OS will offer improved features and usability.

Commenting on the launch of the server OS, Satya Nadella, president of Redmond's Servers and Tools Business, dubbed it as the company's first “cloud OS” and was quoted saying "This is perhaps the biggest release of our server products in history, bigger than NT. I was here at Microsoft when we launched Windows NT, which ushered in the era of client/server, and we believe that Windows Server 2012 ushers in the era of the cloud operating system."

Main Features

The main feature of the OS is PowerShell, which allows to remotely control the server through a command line. Moreover, this is the first version of the Windows, which is behaves like a Unix based servers.

The other important feature is Server Core – a data centre friendly installation method, which offers a way to install the OS over a network.

Different Editions

Windows Server 2012 is available in four editions to suit the requirements of each set of users and to cater to the wide user base of Microsoft.

Standard and Datacenter are the two main versions with the same features and hardware limits. Standard version can be run on a maximum of two virtual machines while Datacenter version can be run on unlimited number of virtual machines.

The other two editions are Essentials and Foundation of which Essentials can be run on a virtual machine or a device with two sockets while Foundation can be used only through OEMs and run on single socket devices. It is to be noted that Foundation does not offer support to virtualization.


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