Microsoft Working with Free Windows 8.1 Build To Attract Customers

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Microsoft wants to make perfectly sure that its future Windows platform builds are adopted by more and more people, and it's currently doing everything in its reach to make that happen.

Keeping the faith alive, according to reports, Microsoft is currently working with a free version of Windows 8.1 in order to boost the number of people using the operating system. Sources close to Microsoft's plans stated that the company is building "Windows 8.1 with Bing," and that this is a version that will bundle key Microsoft apps and services together.

Microsoft Working with Free Windows 8.1 Build To Attract Customers

"While early versions of the software have leaked online, we understand that Windows 8.1 with Bing is an experimental project that aims to bring a low-cost version of Windows to consumers," The Verge, which was in touch with the sources, wrote.

Previous to this, ZDNet had reported on the Windows 8.1 build with Bing details earlier this week. Apparently, the site also had their own sources to relate to on the matter, and stated that this new SKU "is key to Microsoft's experimentation with monetization."

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"I hear this SKU has only minor differences from the current Windows 8.1 SKUs, but that it may be a kind of placeholder for the future when consumer operating systems are, basically, free. I'm not sure if this SKU will offer OEMs and/or consumers new Bing-related incentives by the time Update 1 is made available this spring."

Moreover, Microsoft is also said to be aiming to push out Windows 8.1 with Bing as a free or low-cost upgrade for Windows 7 users. "Any upgrade offers will be focused on boosting the number of people using Windows 8.1. This Bing-powered version of Windows 8.1 may also be offered to PC makers as part of recent license cuts for devices under $250," The Verge adds.

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While this is the only information that's making rounds on the web, additional details regarding the bundle is expected at Microsoft's Build developer conference in April.

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