Mind-reading device to launch

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Mind-reading device to launch

The improvements and the advancements made in the electroencephalographic (EEG) technology of brain wave detection can soon help in monitoring the state of mind of the pilot while at control, claim the researchers.

The helmet will be fitted with miniature EEG scanners enabling the military commanders to spot whether the pilot is responding to the warning light and also to take off the plane when it about to crash.

There are advanced sensors that can read the electrical activity of the brain and also give a signal when the pilot goes unconscious thereby allowing the base control to step inside. This is a breakthrough in the EEG brain detecting technology.

Until now, the subjects under test were required to wear heavy caps with enormous wires that are attached to it so as to enable scanning. They also had to stay still as the movement of the body parts can be a hindrance to the signal.

The director of University of California, Scott Makeig led these developments. He mentioned that the headset weighs around 3.5 kgs and the tough the machinery it can be transported easily.

The sensors are actually controlled by means of wireless internet connection and they are accurate as they make use of better algorithms.

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