Mobile money set to make your payments digital

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile money set to make your payments digital

The most hyped concept the world over, Mobile Money is all set to become a reality soon. This system of transferring cash through your mobile had already got a lot of hype after the advent of internet based money transfer.

The Mobile Money requires the use of some smartphone apps which of course can be downloaded easily from the popular smartphone stores. Then, through the creation of an account with the app provider & mobile money service provider, users can easily transfer cash with the help of their cellphones to any place across the world.

This concept is not only suitable for developed countries but are also sure to take even the smaller developing countries by storm. For instance Kenya had implemented a similar concept way back in 2007 albeit not full fledged. Now with the advent of the mobile money concept, Kenya with other developing countries of the world is all set to witness a revolution.

One intriguing factor that has to be noted here is that through the Mobile Money concept, one more smart feature namely the Mobile Wallet which enables you to pay all your expenses with a click on the mobile phone. This would also lead to preservation of the environment as trees wouldn't have to be cut to make currency notes.

Thus, mobile money is the thing to watch out for & is sure to take the entire world by storm. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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