Mobile Phone usage determines the dominant brain side

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile Phone usage determines the dominant brain side

A new study has found out a link between the way you place your cellphones & your dominant side of the brain. According to the study, if you place your cellphone against your right year, then your left brain works dominantly.

This study was carried out by the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The findings of the study also state that mobiles can be used for mapping the language center of the brain as well. Left brained people use the opposite hand for their activities & these activities include holding of mobile phones, writing & other tasks. Similarly the right brained people use their left hand for various tasks.

Through the mobile phone positioning & usage, cancer occurrences in various body parts can be determined says a Henry Ford representative. Thus, we can say that mobile phones are an effective instrument in Scientific Research as well & when used progressively a lot of innovation can take place in the world.

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