Mobile phone with 15 years battery life!

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Mobile phone with 15 years battery life!


A mobile phone of SpareOne has a battery life of about 15 years despite of whether it is charged or not and it is focused to serve during emergency situations. This handset runs on a single AA battery and it claims to have a battery life of 15 years.

This is something out of our thought range as even the feature filed phones will have a battery life of only few days. You can program the SpareOne mobile with the key contacts enabling the instant access during any emergency. It can also have the emergency numbers of any location.

XPAL Power, the developer of the phone says that it is designed especially to make and get vital phone calls. The mobile can transmit its current location automatically through the mobile ID. It also has an in-built torch and unlike the gadgets of today, it has one AA battery to power it.

This new and first of its kind mobile phone was unveiled at the CES 2012 held at Las Vegas. It is a backup phone that can be kept for emergencies.

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