Mobile Phones are more in number than toilets in India

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile Phones are more in number than toilets in India

According to a new study, India has more mobile phones than toilets. This is a shocking fact & also a wake up call for the Government Of India. This also shows how people are over-dependent on mobile phones & technology rather than on basic amenities.

The study also reveals that computer & internet are being used by only 3.1% of the total Indian population. People in some regions of India are not even aware of the existence of internet. Mobile Phones are used by around 91.3% of the total population. Out of this, a total of 75% urinate in the open as they have no access to toilets.

This is embarrassing for a country like India which is among the world's culturally strong countries. This trend highlights the plight of the people. The Indian Government has to come up with some solid measures to reverse this trend as soon as possible.

One more shocking fact reported by the study is the increasing number of fake mobile connections in the country which account for up to 50% of the total mobile connections. People's addiction to mobile phones can also be seen through this. When experts were consulted & briefed about this fact, they said that since people in most of the rural areas do not demand toilets, the Government has neglected these areas. Whereas people are more demanding when it comes to mobile phones as the people in rural areas also want & have easy access to cellphones & associated technology.

Mobile phones have also set another dubious record in India as people are ready to own personal cellphones by sacrificing food. They are ready to starve but cannot imagine how their lives will be without mobile phones.

Thus, mobile phone addiction in India needs to be identified & stopped at the earliest. Governments also need to take steps to inculcate awareness among the people.

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