Mobile Phones can prevent vehicle theft

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile Phones can prevent vehicle theft

Now Mobile Phones can prevent vehicle theft and carjacking. This vehicle security technology is going to be a reality soon. Use this to detect intrusion of your car.

This novel concept is designed by students of Chitra Thirunai College of Engineering, Kerala. Carjacking is a technique through which your car is intruded upon by intruders. Your car becomes vulnerable and can be misused easily. Now, you need not fear as your mobile phone becomes your cars' protector.

Prevention of carjacking technique involves placing an equipment inside your car. This equipment is in turn synced with your mobile phones. If anyone tries to drive away your car, you receive a call via the equipment and hence you can detect intrusion. Not only this, when you call back, your car's ignition is locked. Only you can unlock the ignition.

Using cellphones, the engine of your cars can also be made dead. This assures none other than you touches your car, making the concept highly significant at a time when carjacking is on a rise. The developers of the carjacking prevention technique say that this technology is very affordable. The equipment to be placed in the car costs just Rs 2,000. This not only guarantees your cars' security but also enhances your mobiles' functionality.

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