Mobile Phones help in solving murder cases

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile Phones help in solving murder cases

Technology has it's own benefits & demerits just like the two sides of a coin. The benefits of technology are in fact more than it's demerits. People need to be aware of this fact. We get various illustrations to prove this fact. One such illustration is the usefulness of mobile phones in cracking murder cases.

Many murder cases in India & around the world are solved by getting at the victim's mobile phone records or the suspect's mobile phone records and sometimes information is obtained by simply tracking the mobile phone of the victim/suspect. This concept has led to the Police all over the world solving many high-profile murder cases. The Police also rely on mobile phones to obtain vital leads to murders.

One example that comes to mind when we say Police relying on mobile phones is the Syamsundar Popat murder case in which the Kolkata police have virtually pinned all their hopes on the missing mobile phone of Syamsundar Popat. Once the mobile phone is found, all leads and clues can be easily determined by the police & the suspect can be nabbed early & easily.

Not only this case, various other high profile cases which are considered complex can be investigated easily with the help of mobile phone & cellular technology. Thus, the mobile phone which is one of the boons that Technology has given us can be used for a wide variety of constructive purposes & various high profile murders can be investigated easily. So make use of Technology in a constructive way rather than over-relying on it. This ensures that you are not harmed by Technology.

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