Mobile Phones internet usage to be monitored in future

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile Phones internet usage to be monitored in future

The Intelligence Bureau(I.B) in India has put forth a proposal which aims at monitoring the internet activities of mobile phone users. The Intelligence Bureau has reportedly asked the Telecom Ministry to order the cellular service providers to introduce mobile internet tracking methods.

This is surely going to threaten the privacy of mobile users in India as all their online activities are now going to be monitored. The IB is of the opinion that internet activity through mobile phones cannot be traced & tracked like that of a computer. A source at the IB also stated that in spite of the telcos being provided with I.P addresses of mobile internet users, they were unable to track the activities of these users

This move by the Indian Government is surely going to hit the users hard as they can no longer be assured of privacy & solitude. The I.B. States that this move has been proposed on safety grounds. This will supposedly lead to better monitoring & detecting anti-social activities. Talks are also on between the Government Of India & various e-mail service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail etc to enforce strict mechanisms through which even the e-mails of people are monitored.

Research In Motion has even set-up a server in Mumbai to intercept it's messenger & messenger related services. Similarly Nokia has also been asked to legally monitor it's push-mail services. Thus, seeing all these, one question that props up is “Should Privacy be compromised for the sake of vested interests?”.

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