Mobile phones make users selfish

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Mobile phones make users selfish

The mobile phones help in connecting people of distant locations but there is also a downside associated with it and it can make the users less socially minded reveals a new research.

Marketing professors, Rosellina Ferraro and Anastasiya Pocheptsova along with Ajay T Abraham, graduate student of Robert H Smith School of Business of University of Maryland have conducted series of experiments on several test groups of mobile phone users.

The pro-social behavior is the action of benefiting another person or an entire society as a whole, indicates the study.

The researchers have found out that after a short period of mobile phone usage, the subjects showed less interest to volunteer for community service activities when they were asked as compared to the others.

The mobile phones users were not much likely to take part in some activity that will result in some charitable donations to help the poor.

The study has explored that both men and women in different age groups are facing the same effects and they are too volunteer for community service activities with their mobile phones.

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