Mobile Phones will soon change your spoken words to SMS

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Mobile Phones will soon change your spoken words to SMS

In future, your mobile phones will understand the words you speak and convert them into SMS form. Yes, this is going to be a reality through a new technology developed by the International Institute Of Information Technology.

Through this technology, you can simply speak to your mobile phone and convert your words into SMS instead of having to type out messages. This technology is going to be implemented in India primarily and will then slowly be expanded to other countries. Thus, India is set to witness another digital revolution.

This technology, according to experts is beneficial to the common man in a big way as it enables people to even dictate words(Messages) that they would like to send and voila! the phone converts it into an SMS and sends it across. This reduces the time that a person takes to type out an sms using  keypads/keyboards/virtual keyboards.

Mobile Phones will soon change your spoken words to SMS

With this application, even illiterate people are benefited as they can just talk to their mobile phones and witness sending of their messages without having to worry about typing or without having to depend on others for typing their favorite messages.

The Indian Ministry Of Information Technology has expressed interest in sponsoring this novel project and has already started the development process actively. This technology is expected to hit the mobile phone market in the next couple of years.

Therefore, this technology is a boon to the people of India and is another impetus to India's technological developments. Let's wait for this cool technology to come to us.

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