‘Mobile Trust’ Security Solution Announced for Android and iOS devices

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‘Mobile Trust’ Security Solution Announced for Android and iOS devices

Leading security service provider StrikeForce Technologies has announced their latest security solution named ‘Mobile Trust’. The company targets enterprises and consumer mobile users with this latest offering.

StrikeForce representatives mentioned that mobile devices have become the most viable target for hackers looking to penetrate into corporate networks. Therefore protection of mobile devices has become a top priority task. Mobile Trust works in this direction. 

Mobile Trust transfers highly useful security features to Android and Apple devices. This will help users of these devices to protect their credentials, passwords, transactions and access to corporate networks. Some of the key features integrated into Mobile Trust include: 

  • A password vault

  • A strong password generator

  • An encrypted database

  • OATH compliant soft tokens

  • Keystroke encryption technology
Keystroke encryption technology integrated into the system encrypts all data typed on the on-screen keyboards. This will protect users from keylogging malware. Password vault safely stores all the passwords used in internal networks and external cloud services. The passwords are saved in an encrypted database. Using the Mobile Trust application, corporate users can securely login to any website or VPN. Weak passwords are one of the main reasons for security failures. 

Strong password generator which arrives with Mobile Trust helps users to create and store ‘difficult to crack’ passwords. There is also a CryptoColor visual verification feature which highlights browser text fields to inform the users that the data is encrypted. The enterprise version of the software will allow employees to store notes and other vital data, securely in the encrypted database. 

StrikeForce will be showcasing the new technology during the MobileCON 2012 event in San Diego. Mobile Trust will be made available for Android and Apple devices during the fourth quarter of 2012.The security package will cost $14.95(Approximately 785 INR) for a single user annual subscription. Quantity discounts are available for the enterprise version of Mobile Trust.

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