Modern day Technology in sports

    By Rahul Ramesh

    Modern day Technology in sports


    Technology has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Without technology to guide us in our day to day activities, all our activities would seem next to be impossible. In this way, technology plays an active role in all fields of life. One such field is sports which has derived the maximum benefits of technology.

    Below we discuss some of the innovations of Technology that sports makes use of, These innovations are:

    1) Stump Camera in cricket: Perhaps the best innovation so far in the area of cricket, the stump cam gives unmatched accuracy. This gives the benefit of watching the cricket action from four different angles. This comes into play when the umpire has to decide a controversial appeal. The stump cam even enables people to watch the replays of the action whenever they like. Thus, we can conclude that the stump cam is the best thing to have happened to cricket.

    2) Goal Line Technology in Soccer: This technology helps the referee to determine whether the ball has completely crossed the goal line or not. This technology is under test and will be implemented shortly in all the soccer matches & events. Thus, using the goal line technology sportive nature of players & referees can be determined.

    3) Hawk Eye Technology: This technology finds applications among various sports such as cricket, soccer, hockey etc. There are high speed cameras that work in sync with this technology. The Hawk Eye can accurately track the ball & even the direction in which the ball moves. This is particularly used when there an appeal raises against a leg before wicket(lbw) in cricket.

    4) Radar Gun technology in Tennis: This technology is used to measure the speed of a serve. The readings are then displayed in terms of kmps or mph. The Radar Gun works on the principle of Doppler Effect.


    5) Wearable swimming technologies: Using wearable devices swimmers can now practice & train in the same way as they would train with a coach. These devices aid in automatic measurement of time, distance covered per minute, position & overall rating of the swimmers. Thus, using this an amateur swimmer can easily turn into a professional without the guidance of a coach.

    Apart from the above, Technology is extensively applied in F1 Racing as well. This makes the sport more safe & exciting. Technology thus not only enables accuracy in sports but makes the players accurate as well. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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