Breakthough Discovery: More Than 1800 Supernovae Located


A team of Japanese researchers has reportedly made a huge discovery. The team managed to identify locate around 1800 supernovae using an extremely powerful telescope. This includes 58 Type Ia ones, located 8 billion light-years away.

Breakthough Discovery: More Than 1800 Supernovae Located


What's A Supernova

Supernova is basically a dying star, and as it inches closer to its end, it shines even brighter than the Sun for a brief period before dimming down. The Type la supernovae have a constant maximum brightness, making it easier to calculate their distance from our planet.

This comes in handy for astronomers who want to measure the expansion of the universe by comparing the difference of distance as time passes.

Subaru Telescope Made It Possible

In the past 10 years, astronomers have found a new supernova type that has a significantly higher brightness compared to Type la supernovae. The new category is named Super-Luminous Supernovae, and the scientists have been working on learning more about them.

Thanks to their brightness, researchers are able to observe farthest parts of the space. A detailed study on these supernovae can reveal details about the early stages of the universe and the formation of huge stars.

There's A Catch

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of supernovae, and only a few telescopes are capable of observing them. The Subaru Telescope, combined with the Hyper Suprime-Cam were used by the team for their discovery.

The team chronicled the images of the same area for over half a year, so they could notice any changes in the brightness of stars. This time they captured 5 Super-Luminous Supernovae and 400 Type Ia ones. The team now has plans to use the data to get a more accurate value of the expansion rate of the universe.

This Is Massive

Astronomers around the world are poised to find new planets and other heavenly bodies in the universe. Discovering a new exoplanet which is unique for other objects in the region is a big achievement as it helps the scientists understand the space better and learn more about the origin of the world.

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