Motorola's Golden-i wearable computer at CES 2012

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Motorola's Golden-i wearable computer at CES 2012


The Golden-i wearable computer's concept was known since sometime and now the gadget is ready for shipping. This was manufactured by Motorola using the licensed technology from Kopin. It is based on a Nuance voice based technology.

This wearable computer has a 512 MB RAM and TI OMAP under its hood. The series 3 processor used at present has a clock speed of 1GHz and the next version will have 1.2 GHz being a series 4 one.

Instead of using a touch screen, mouse or keyboard to control your Windows machine, you can now use voice commands and move your head. The credit behind this goes to the dual mics with noise cancellation and the

The device has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi N radios and there is some talk about the presence of 4G from Verizon. The device is highly sensitive to the head movements and it is for the users to sit out and focus clearly on its interface.

The system is available for a price of $2,500 which is too expensive and makes the security and industrial targets to pause.

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