MySpace is not in top ten social networks of 2011

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MySpace is not in top ten social networks of 2011


MySpace is going on slump by failing to be in the list of the top ten social networking websites visited in UK in 2011. This has actually happened for the first time since its launch as per the research.

Stumble Upon, the discovery engine has leapfrogged the slumped MySpace and came to the tenth position of the survey when it comes to the web traffic data of the previous month thereby pushing MySpace to the eleventh place.

The other sites in the list have maintained the same places as the ones in the month of October expect for YouTube that has got more market share of visits of about 0.67%. The sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Gumtree have actually lost their market share when compared to the October's share while the opposite applies to Facebook that has grown in terms of market share accounting around 53% of the visits.

James Murray, a market research analyst of Experian Hitwise has said that the traffic on MySpace has declined from since three years and that only now the social networking site has been dropped from the top ten list. The social media landscapes evolve stronger day by day and the brands must be aware of what are the fast moving trends that the people might visit in the social media sites.

The Google sites still dominate the market when it comes to search and they have an increase of about 0.05% in the internet searches in UK. Google accounts for about 91.07% of the searches made in UK and the second place goes for the Microsoft sites with about 3.84%. The third position for the searches made in the market goes to the Yahoo sites that has a share of 2.81%.

As per Murray's research, Google not only proves to be the biggest search engine of UK but also is the rapidly growing one of the last month.

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