NASA Shortlists Astronauts For Upcoming Space Missions


NASA has a lot of space missions lined up for the next decade, including the Artemis mission to the Moon and the Mars mission. The Artemis mission, set to take off in 2024, will have many firsts, including the first woman to set foot on the Moon. NASA announced the first batch of astronauts to train for the Moon mission.


NASA Astronauts For Space Missions Shortlisted

NASA Astronauts Announced

NASA is taking the 'Moon to Mars' approach for the next decade. Certainly, NASA isn't backing off from its set deadline, even with the time lag from SpaceX and Boeing contracts. Both the private space agencies have a contract with NASA for manned missions to ISS and other missions.

Coming to the astronauts, the first batch has just completed their two years of basic training. They're now ready to train under the Artemis program after their formal graduation on January 10. Presently, NASA has shortlisted 11 candidates out of 18,000 applicants. Plus, there are two astronauts from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

NASA Astronauts For Space Missions Shortlisted

The astronauts are eligible for the future spaceflight missions, which includes flights to the International Space Station, Artemis mission, and possibly the mission to Mars, set to take place later. NASA announced that all the astronauts have completed training in spacewalking, robotics, International Space Station systems, T-38 jet proficiency, and the Russian language.

NASA Space Missions For Next Decade

The new batch of astronauts will be part of the team to develop and tweak spacecraft, support the teams that are already in space, and finally join the big team of 500 or so astronauts who've had the opportunity to visit space.

The previously mentioned Canadian astronauts joining the NASA team include Joshua Kutryk, a Canadian Air Force lieutenant colonel, flight test pilot and fighter pilot; and Jennifer Sidey-Gibbons mechanical engineer and combustion engineer.

From the looks of it, NASA is replicating almost everything from astronauts to technological aspects for the Artemis to the Mars missions. So, we can expect the astronauts from Artemis mission heading to Mars a couple of years later. NASA TV will air the graduation ceremony for interested space buffs.

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