NASA, ESA Reveal Cosmic Sparkle Images Of Venus, Earth, Mars Captured From Solar Orbiter


NASA is known for revealing titbits of the universe now and then. With several missions twirling around in space, NASA has shown us several pictures and images of the cosmic occurring. The latest one that's trending on the internet is the image of a cosmic sparkle, captured from an irregular dwarf galaxy.

NASA, ESA Reveal Cosmic Sparkle Images Of Venus, Earth, Mars

Both NASA and ESA - the European Space Agency shared pictures of the Cosmic Sparkle on their official Instagram handles. The image was shared on the NASA Hubble Space Telescope page, which reveals the I Zwicky 18 galaxy. The sparkle comes from this dwarf and irregular galaxy, which is believed to be around 59 million light-years away.

The post further explains that the bluish-white colors in the picture are two major start burst regions where 'stars are forming at a furious rate'. "A trio of Sun-studying missions took images of Earth and some of our solar system neighbors from different vantage points last year," NASA explains in the post.

NASA Shares Trio Of Images

The first videos show Venus, Earth, and Mars as seen by the Solar Orbiter. To note, the Solar Orbiter is a joint mission of the ESA and NASA. The Instagram post by ESA further explains that Venus is the brightest object in the video, roughly 48 million kilometers away from Solar Orbiter.

On the same day, the distance to Earth was 251 million kilometers and 332 million kilometers to Mars on that day, the post says. "At the moment of the recording, 18 November 2020, Solar Orbiter was on its way to Venus for its first gravity assist flyby, which happened on 27 December. Venus and Earth flybys will bring the spacecraft closer to the Sun and tilt its orbit in order to observe our star from different perspectives", ESA wrote.


Next, the second images are from Parker Solar Probe, explains NASA. Here, the probe captured six of the solar system's planets as it flew by the Sun on June 7, 2020. Lastly, the STEREO spacecraft captured the same scene from a different perspective on the same day. With all these Cosmic Sparkle images, both NASA and ESA have caught the attention of netizens!

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