NASA to launch safety review of SpaceX after Elon Musk smoked weed

NASA to keep a close eye on Elon Musk's rocket making company.


Ever since NASA approached Elon Musk's SpaceX to fly astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), the companies likely expected to the government to keep track of the events closely.

NASA to launch safety review of SpaceX after Elon Musk smoked weed

But they wouldn't have thought that a controversial podcast will prompt a probe. According to The Washington Post, NASA is conducting a safety review of the company because few of the NASA officials didn't like the fact that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk smoked weed on camera with the podcast host Joe Rogan.

Though NASA didn't clearly say that the review has anything to do with Musk's behavior, a spokesperson told the Washington Post the probe would "ensure the companies are meeting NASA's requirements for workplace safety, including the adherence to a drug-free environment."

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said, "culture and leadership start at the top." Both statements mildly point towards Musk, even though the review will be done at Boeing as well.

The review will take place in 2019, but it comes across as an overreaction. This isn't the only company to take a closer look at their relationship with Musk's companies. The Air Force also reviewed Musk's behavior. Anyone with a government security clearance isn't allowed to use illegal drugs such as weed.

Apart from Musk's antics on Joe Rogan's podcast, NASA might have a lot of other things to keep track of as it reviews SpaceX and Boeing. Both firms have a huge contract with NASA to take astronauts to the ISS, and both have witnessed bug setbacks in the last few years.

SpaceX has faced issues with its craft's parachute system, while Boeing had problems with a propellant leak. SpaceX has plans to unveil a crewed craft by June 2019, while Boeing is aiming for an August 2019 launch.


Soon after Elon Musk was seen smoking pot on Joe Rogan's show, Tesla saw a decline in its stocks by 10 percent, which is the lowest since 2016. The shares dropped to $252 - the company's biggest single-day drop in two years. Later Musk also announced a major shake-up in the staff of the car company.

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