NASA Releases James Webb Telescope ‘Teaser’ Picture


The James Webb Telescope is ready for the first observation. The first pictures captured by this telescope are all set to drop on July 12. Prior to this, the iconic images and a teaser of the same have been dropped. A new image clicked by the telescope shows a view of stars and galaxies, providing a tantalizing glimpse of the universe.

NASA Releases James Webb Telescope ‘Teaser’ Picture

James Webb Teaser Photo

The image captured by James Webb is a result of 72 exposures that took place over 32 hours. It is one of the deepest images of the universe ever, claim the Webb scientists.

In a statement alongside the release of the image, Nasa said that the observations were not optimized to detect faint objects but the image has captured extremely faint objects and is the deepest image ever captured showing the infrared sky.

The image has been captured by the James Webb Telescope is intended to test how well the telescope could stay focused on a target, is displayed in false color and is mono-chromatic with white-yellow-orange-red, which represents the progression from being the brightest to 5h3 dimmest.

NASA Releases James Webb Telescope ‘Teaser’ Picture

James Webb Telescope

The $10 billion observatory launched in December last year, is orbiting the sun a million times (1.5 million kilometers) from the earth. It can look and focus on a target that no other telescope can do. This is possible with its enormous primary mirror and instruments that focus on infrared so that it can peer through dust and gas.

The Canadian Space Agency has developed a Fine Guidance Sensor to enable accurate science measurements and imaging with utmost precision. The Webb telescope is tuned to beam back data only from a couple of instruments simultaneously.

When FGS' aperture is open, the color filters are not used like the other science instruments. This makes it impossible to study the age of the galaxies in this image for scientific analysis. The FGS was capable of producing stunning views of the cosmos even while capturing unplanned imagery during a test.


All are eager for July 12 when the James Webb telescope team will reveal the first scientific image. Notably, it is designed to see the birth of the universe.

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