NASA Shares Hubble Telescope's Distorted Spiral Galaxy Image


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has released an image that was captured by the Hubble telescope. This image appears to have captured a galaxy. Space scientists claim that it has an unusual distorted form that resembles 'S' when seen from the Earth. Also, it is seen to have a narrow filament of black material that snakes across.


Hubble Telescope Image Shows Spiral Galaxy

The Hubble telescope's view shows a portion of the NGC 3718 revealing the twisting, sinuous dust lane in detail as it sweeps by the core of the new galaxy that was spotted. It is seen to bend into the surrounding gas, claim researchers. NASA has also shared a picture of the spiral galaxy on Twitter. Here, we have embedded the tweet for you to take a look at the image captured by the Hubble telescope.

As per NASA, the Hubble telescope has captured a part of the image that is visible and the infrared light, which is a part of the study of the center regions of disk-shaped galaxies with major star bulges in several configurations.

As the massive dust lane conceals most of the visible and ultraviolet light, the galaxy's nucleus is quite difficult to observe in the ultraviolet or visible light but it can be viewed in infrared light that passes via the dusty parts, added NASA.

Notably, NGC 3718, which is also known as Arp 214 is considered to have been developed in a unique form as a result of the gravitational interface alongside NGC 3729. The latter is a neighboring spiral galaxy that is around 150,000 light-years away.

The line of reddish star formation that is seen extends towards the 9 o'clock position and the black tendril of dust stretching towards the 7 o'clock position are claimed to be formed due to this encounter.


As per NASA, the research is aimed to have a better understanding of the link between the mass of supermassive black holes and the features of the galactic bulges. Also, it aims to look into the star formation on a galactic scale from the nucleus to the disk. We can expect to get more details regarding the Hubble telescope image and further updates in the future.

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