NASA warns asteroid 2019 DN to skim Earth at 16000mph

    NASA warns an asteroid will skim Earth on March 8.


    NASA has warned that an asteroid named 2019 DN which is classified as a Near Earth Object (NEO) will skim Earth today, March 8. The space agency managed to locate the asteroid through its advanced tech. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory researchers have predicted that closest approach will occur at 4:19 pm GMT. 

    NASA warns asteroid 2019 DN to skim Earth at 16000mph


    The asteroid measures 656ft (200m) in diameter and will be hurtling through space at a speed of 16,000mph. But the astronomers have predicted that the space rock will safely pass our planet's orbit.

    In fact, the 2019 DN space rock will be 10 times farther away than the moon, which means this is clearly not the apocalypse. This won't even be the biggest asteroid on the space agency's radar this month. The biggest space rock measured by NASA is the 2019 CD5. It measured 750ft 230m in diameter.

    The huge asteroid will be the closest to Earth on March 20 and will be closer than the 2019 DN. While a lot of NEOs go unnoticed, the vast majority of them aren't threatening.
    NASA said: "Very few of these bodies are potential hazards to Earth, but the more we know and understand about them, the better prepared we will be to take appropriate measures if one is heading our way."

    Besides, an asteroid dubbed 2018 LF16 which is twice the size of Big Ben is said to collide with our planet on August 8, 2023. However, according to NASA, there's just a one in a 30 million chance of this happening.

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