Net Neutrality: What You Need To Know and Why You Should Support

Over the past few days, a lot has been said about the term ‘Net Neutrality'. Basically it is the principle that says internet providers should give consumers access to all content and applications on an equal basis.

Net Neutrality: What You Need To Know and Why You Should Support

Until now you have enjoyed the Internet the way it should be governed, however, according to the latest developments, it seems that the telecom regulator is mulling to form proper guidelines regarding net neutrality.

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Below are some basic details about the concept of "net neutrality" and how it may impact you in the near future.

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is a principle that says all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally. Whether you're shopping on Flipkart or watching videos on YouTube, all the information on the web should be treated the same. So that means a network provider like Airtel can't block or slow down your access to that website on the web.

The Open Internet

ISPs must provide access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Internet service providers (ISPs) are prohibited from blocking traffic such as Skype, and they can't discriminate against such services by putting them into an Internet "slow lane" in order to benefit their own competing services.

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Airtel Zero and Net Neutrality

Airtel Zero is a platform that allows users to access a variety of mobile apps for free, with the data charges being paid by start-ups and large companies. For instance, if Snapdeal partners with Airtel for its Airtel Zero service, you will not be charged for data you use while accessing Snapdeal, instead Airtel will charge Snapdeal.

If allowed by the telecom regulator, it is going to destroy Internet in India.

Who is the regulator?

Trai, or Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, regulates all Internet access in India, and is planning to allow telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone to block apps and websites to extra money from consumers and businesses, that should seen as "extreme violation of net neutrality."

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How can you join the campaign #SaveTheInternet?

To ensure that you access internet in a fair manner, then join the fight for net neutrality.

Go to GizBot Save The Internet Petition page.

Enter the simple steps and we will send an email on your behalf to TRAI

The last date for the submission is Friday, April 24.

At the same time, you can also submit your response at

Click here to Sign the petition, to not allow differential pricing of services on the Internet and let the consumers choose how they want to use Internet.

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