New Facebook tool to prevent suicide

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New Facebook tool to prevent suicide

Facebook, the largest and the most used social networking website has launched a new tool that can prevent suicide on Tuesday. This tool helps the users by giving them a link that helps them to chat online with the counselors directly and seek help.

With this tool, even friends can report any suicidal behavior just by clicking on the report option that is there next to any content on Facebook. They have to choose the suicidal content option placed under the harmful behavior option said Frederic Wolens, spokesman of Facebook.

When a suicidal report is made on a person, Facebook will email the distressed user the link for an online private chat with a representative of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and also the phone number of the group.

This new tool offers the users who are not comfortable to pick up a phone to seek help from a direct avenue. Wolens said that this tool is the natural progression that people at Facebook were working on since a long time.

Users can report the suicidal behavior also by visiting the Help Center of the site or by searching for the reporting forms on suicide. They also have the option to report about the links that are around the site. The users who are worried about their friends and reported on their behavior will get a message stating that the issue will be addressed.

Facebook being the most popular social network has over 800 million users across the world. This website's new tool will be available for the users in Canada and United States. Wolens said that the distressed users will not get to know who have reported about their suicidal content as all the reports are maintained anonymous.

The main reason behind this type of tool is based on a study conducted by the Surgeon General of US which stated that about 100 Americans lose their life each day be attempting suicide. Last year, over 8 million Americans of 18 years and above have thought about suicide seriously.

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