New Feature in Mobile Makes Google Maps Indoor

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New Feature in Mobile Makes Google Maps Indoor


Google Maps' next interested subject will be the digital mapping of all the airports and shopping malls across the world. The mobile Google mapping service received an update yesterday and it includes all the directions within the airports, transit centers, stores and malls in Japan and U.S.

Now, it is the initial stage and the feature is able to cover only a small section of this impressive indoor service. Google Inc actually hoped that as the number of operators and owners of the shopping malls and transport hubs provide their details the section getting mapped will also increase.

As of now, the Google indoor maps is supported only on the smartphones and on the tablet PCs that make use of the Android operating system of Google. There are over 550,000 devices powered by Android getting activated every day now but this version of the indoor maps will take effect only on the Android versions that were released in 2009 which itself makes such a large amount of audience.

This indoor mobile mapping feature actually represents the recent attempt taken by Google to create an in-depth attachment towards their Android powered phones thereby making the company to have more chances to sell its ads that pitch the services and products that are offered to the users. This feature helps the people in navigating across the stores and shopping malls and complements the effort of Google to modify the Android powered phones to digital wallets thereby replacing the traditional credit cards and cash.

Google will neither mention why this feature works only on the Android powered phones nor if it plans to launch the indoor mapping feature on the other products like Appleis iPhone, iPad, laptops and desktops as well. The company is already famous for the maps that offers directions to various locations across the world.

The indoor mapping tool is designed to reduce chaos that usually occurs while sprawling the large complexes and stores. In case, Google index has the floor plan, then the location of the user will be denoted using a blue dot. The software changes the plan to the other floor of the building when the enters one. The indoors map uses the GPS and the cell towers to broadcast the Wi-Fi signals about the location of the user. This tracking technology is the same as the one in the street view maps.

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