New Gmail Update Arriving Soon: Changes Demoed in Leak

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It goes without saying as to how important the Google-based Gmail service is in our lives for staying connected to all your near ones as well as your work place. However, it seems like more new changes could be on the cards with new leaks related to the same appearing online.

According to reports, there have been some leaked Gmail screenshots that are revealing a host of new features that we might see on the service later down the line.

New Gmail Update Arriving Soon: Changes Demoed in Leak

As revealed via the new leak, the next big update for Gmail could bring over new sorting tabs that have been developed for Travel, Purchases, and Finance, alongside a pinning system so that important e-mails stay at the top of the list.

Revealed and noticed first via, the report states that at first glance the updated service looks more like Gmail as we know it now, "but with a few key differences that radically change how the email client is used."

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"This version of Gmail includes Travel, Purchases, and Finance to the mix, with the same basic properties that the existing five tabs currently have, In your primary Inbox, you'll see these grouped both in the side menu and at the top of your inbox if there are new messages for those categories," the report adds.

But apart from all other changes that are set to be made to the service, it seems like the biggest change is the introduction of a number of additional categories for email.

With the update soon to be in place, instead of just grouping messages based on the once you receive related to social sites, forums, or via promotional offers for products, the updated Gmail adds new categories for travel, finance, and purchases.

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Apparently, emails can also be Snoozed in this new UI. By snoozing an email, what it means is that the mail will appear as read until the timer goes off, after which it will move to the top of the Inbox as an unread email.

Users can choose to snooze an email for a couple of hours or several weeks depending on their needs. Apart from that, users can snooze messages over and over again if they choose to.

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